8 Hole Trailer SLI Axle Steelland With Break System


75 mm Axle

*thickness 75*75 millimeter (square axle) 

*bearings used:-32215(4 tapper roller real original bearings ,)also accessible in latest bearings of 1st quality         

*hub used :-heavy 32215 no. fabricated from casting wt approx. (17kg)withcap, with eight holes           

*along with eight bolts (heavy) m 22-82                    

*available in any length (acc. worth varies)

*applications:- water tankers , reapers & boaring machines etc. 

*wheel size for this shaft are:- all eight hole rims8. 25-20/9. 00-20/10. 00-20

*note:-also accessible in 6379bearings with significant hub(18kg approx. )

*note:-also accessible in 565bearings with significant hub(17kg approx. )