SLI Break Axle American & German Type STEEL LAND


11T American Axle Manufactures

Product Introduction of the 11T American Axle

The body and shaft of this SLI American Type Brake axle adopt extrusion forming without welding method ,flow axle linear metal fibers were not destroyed, thereby increasing the strength of the body axle, and good appearance. And the axle body being heat treated, the grain size to 8-7 grade level,basically in good condition.


2.Product Parameter of the 11T American Axle
1) Track length: 1850mm;
2) Beam size: Round 127mm;
3) Brake: 310*190mm;
4) Wheel fixing: 10-M22*1.5 ISO, 10 holes;
5) PCD: 225mm;
6) Bearing: HM518445/10 for outboard, 218248/10 for inboard;
7) Recommended wheel rim: 6.5-15.

Remark: Other track length and ABS & automatic slack adjuster is available.

Welcome to buy the 11t heavy trailer American axle with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. The customised trailer solution is also available in our factory in accordance to your requirement.

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