SLI Steelland American agricultural trailer axle (heavy duty axle)


America agricultural trailer axle heavy duty axle

1. Capacity: 8-20T

2.Used: Tractors,Small Trailer & Agricultural Trailer & Boat trailer

3. Optional track length available

4.Optional ABS and automatic slack adjuster available

5.Optional S-cam length

6.Rights of changing product’s design and specification are reserved

Product Introduction of the America agricultural trailer axle

The trailer parts beam use 20Mn2 seamless pipe, through one-piece press forging and special heat-treatment, which has great over loading capacity and high intensity.  And the spindle is connected by the by submerged -arc welding, which make the whole beam more reliable and solid.  Axle shaft that undergoes over 1.2 million times of Fatigue testing and built to meet or exceed national industry standards.