Since the inception of the corporate , we’ve aimed to be best, that the newest and hi-tech machinery has been installed at our facility. We continuously upgrade our machinery and products, to determine a market today and to reign tomorrow as an unrivalled company. We possess a search and development facility which carries out research on new raw materials and styles . Also, we’ve a state-of the art manufacturing machinery, like coiler machine, flattening machine, horizontal flaring machine, roll forming machine, horizontal expanding machine, etc.; which are operated by our well trained and highly professional engineers and technicians. The ultra modern warehousing facility also assist in maintaining the standard of products during the transit.

The production of wheel rims including Forklift Wheel, Forklift Tyre Rim, etc starts with metal alloy strip, which undergo several processes and transformed. The processes encompasses demurring, rim band coiling, flattening weld joint, welding, trimming, planishing, end cutting, cooling, re-rounding, initial flaring, roll forming, edge flaring, final expanding, valve hole punching, press disc into rim, welding for rim & disc and bolting rim & disc. These processes are administered in workshop , debarring and polishing rooms.

Continuous investments in research and development has led many changes within the production process and outcome . All studies are supported the newest developments within the industry.

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